Carrie Fisher hiding in the trash cans on the backlot of the Star Wars set.


AU where female characters aren’t treated like shit by their own writers and fandoms 


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✓ & ❁ cause i need people to follow and your taste is hella rad ;)


✓: tell 5 facts about yourself

  • I’m an only child, but I have a few very close friends I consider brothers and sisters.
  • I have an opal ring in a gold setting that I haven’t taken off for years. It was my yiayia’s favorite piece of jewelry.
  • I’m half Greek and half black Irish.
  • I learned Greek and English at the same time in my childhood and sometimes I say things in Greek without realizing I’m not speaking English. I have a habit of asking ‘Poios einai sto tilefono?’ instead of ‘who’s on the phone?’ Luckily I’ve learned to accentuate with hand gestures when I speak so I’m a little more translatable.
  • I’m very very into books that have emotional descriptors and are meant to evoke strong feeling. I relate largely in fiction, so I seek out fiction I know will provoke. 

❁: share 5 favourite blogs

FAVESIES? Only 5?! Alright, lemme give you the first 5 in my memory. I would imagine those must be my favorites, or at least people I talk to often. (Maybe I’ll cheat and give you a few more)

  • reaganwarren is radical as fuck, and has some very interesting Will Graham thoughts and feelings.

  • alanabloomverger is wonderful beyond human measure and if you head on over there it’s a lovely balance of Alana Bloom, wonderfully feminist coolness, and a bunch of gorgeous literary quotes.

  • pagingagentgraham is a righteous person who writes quite well and whose art is le gorgeous.

  • aphrodite-mine is awesome as fuck and her writing is also absolutely gorgeous. Her blog also has a lot of Orphan Black, which, if you’re not into, I recommend giving a shot! 

  • bettervillains is also an Orphan Black blog, but her poetry is absolutely gorgeous and she’s one of the coolest people to talk to.

  • I’m cheating there are more I don’t care bonearenaofmyskull is a beyond awesome person who writes the most absolutely thought-provoking metas and, from time to time, does some beautiful art, too.

  • the-mind-races is absolutely wondermous, her art is beautiful (though I have seen little of it), and she’s just an all around awesome person to be friends with.

  • lisechen is the better half of my actual person and all of her tags are gorgeous. Everything is just gorgeous. And convince her to write things, you won’t be sorry. 

So that’s what I’ve got for you and I’m not sorry that I defied the meme. Those are some of my favorite people. 

y’hear that world? I’m awesome as fuck!

<3 Kat

Beth reads a bit of a hard ass. Hard shell, soft center. She doesn’t smile a lot, but when she does it’s warm and fragile. She bites her nails. She chews gum.

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Freddie Lounds in Naka-Choko
ALISON on Orphan Black for sure! Maybe also Beth??? And I'll throw in Alana Bloom too, because it seems likely.

Yes to Alison! No to Beth (I love her fanon/fandom, but her little bit of canon doesn’t quite crack the top ten). And yes, also, to Alana Bloom!

So that puts us at:

  • Ann Perkins
  • Alison Hendrix
  • Alana Bloom
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
Tatiana Maslayni (I suck at spelling!)?

She is a person and not a character, but yes, one of the characters she plays is on the list.