Please reblog this!¬†About two weeks ago, I moved back home. Since my mom and brother are severely allergic to cats, it was decided that myboys would live outside. We gave them a nice area that was sheltered in the back yard, but we’re unable to truly fence them in. Things were going great. Despite the record heat wave, they seemed to be happy, and no one was getting sick.

Then this week, our neighbor called my mom to let her know that she had called animal control on the cats and would be calling again. She said that she couldn’t have cat hair on her porch, and that her grandson was afraid of them.¬†

I didn’t want to cause trouble or have my cats picked up, so my mom let me move them into our laundry room. This situation can’t last. My mom and brother are starting to get sick, and the cats are getting restless — escaping into the house and trying to get back outside.

I’m looking for someone to foster one or both of my cats, in the St. Louis area, until I can figure out my living/work situation. Please reblog this! If you or someone you know is interested, please send me a message.